Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development is a core competency of Software Development Professionals.  There are a few areas we shine:

  • Custom Software Development
  • Software as a Service (Saas) Development
  • Ongoing Software Maintenance

Software Engineers Hard at Work

Custom Software Development

We are software development professionals bred for custom software development.  Whatever your software needs are, we are ready to deliver.

At Software Development Professionals, you will work directly with our founder, Dave Scalzo, who has 15+ years experience in the software engineering field, along with a B.S. in Computer Engineering and an MBA, a PMP certification, and a decade plus experience successfully running his own businesses.  This allows the ideas and proposals from Software Development Professionals to encompass your vision, and focus on what’s most important, versus a narrow run-of-the-mill solutions architect’ point-of-view.  We won’t tell you that a certain technology stack is required because it runs more efficiently than another.  We won’t tell you that a certain programming language must be used because it’s better than all the rest, or that you must be on a certain framework.  That’s all nonsense.

We’ll listen to you.  The most important thing we’ll do is try to understand your business, and why it needs Software Development Services in the first place.  Once we understand that, then we’ll start to consider which options are best.  If you have hard requirements, we’ll work within them.  If you have open requirements, we’ll guide you through the process and recommend the best solutions based on your business needs.  We are very “business oriented,” meaning we make technology decisions based on what will serve the business best in the long term, versus pushing the client into technologies and/or frameworks that we like the most.  We’ll have a very rich and collaborative discussion leading to the best solution for your business, for all the right reasons.

Additionally, we will communicate appropriately.  Too often, when a decision maker is faced with an encounter with an engineer, the engineer lacks the communication skills to break things down into a language that is easily understood.  More often than not, the engineer gets hung up on technical details, and hammers on them, and keeps the conversation far too technical to be productive.  Talk with us as Software Development Professionals.  You’ll be talking with Dave, who is first and foremost a business owner, that will speak your language.  If needed, he can become a technical guru on demand – but won’t do that unless it becomes necessary within the context.  Understanding the business requirements is the most important thing,  and the technical details and software architecture that flow from that are a natural outcome.

Software as a Service (Saas) Development

Software as a Service (SaaS) is the latest trend.  It’s a fantastic business model, as it locks in recurring revenues which makes investors and business owners very happy.

Developing a SaaS app is different than your typical custom software development project in a few ways:

  • High Availability – Your App should have 99.99%+ uptime.
  • Integrations – Your App should integrate with many other services, for example:
    • Login via Facebook and Google
    • Social Sharing via Facebook and others
    • Sending data to Salesforce and other CRMs
    • Sending data to HubSpot and other Marketing Platforms
    • Sending data to Analytics
    • Many other 3rd party integrations
  • Maintainability – You’ll want to frequently, and easily, update the App.
  • Security – Best security practices MUST be followed as you develop the software.  A single security incident can destroy your business.

At Software Development Professionals, we thrive in the SaaS space.  For nearly two decades, we’ve been helping companies plan, architect, develop, host, maintain, sell, and transition their SaaS applications to acquiring companies.  This is a core competency.

Ongoing Software Maintenance

Software is never a one-and-done kind of thing.  Once it’s developed, it may be launched and go a while, but the reality is software is very dynamic.  As the user base begins engaging with the software, bugs will be reported, as will suggestions for improvement.  Management will surely have additional feature requests, as well, adding value to the product.

It’s a mistake to think a business will launch a software product and it will simply run and make money.  There are ongoing expenses.  Once the product is released, undoubtedly some bugs will be discovered.  Meanwhile, your product manager or business owner will be planning new features.  Software is constantly evolving.  That’s why you need a company that understands the evolution, and how every change to the software benefits the business.

Have you talked with other software shops that said something along the lines of:

  • We have to rebuild it from scratch
  • We have to move it to programming language XYZ or else it will fail
  • We need to get it hosted by XYZ company or else it won’t work

At Software Development Professionals, you will be discussing your ongoing software maintenance plan with our founder, Dave Scalzo, who has 15+ years experience in the software engineering field, along with a B.S. in Computer Engineering and an MBA, a PMP certification, and a decade plus experience successfully running his own businesses.  Software Development Professional’s primary concern is maintaining your software in a manner that supports your ongoing business operations.  We may look at things from a technical perspective, and say – whoa! rebuild from scratch! – but ultimately, as a business oriented company, we will work with you to figure out what is feasible, and what is the very best course of action forward for your company given the circumstances.

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